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What We Believe

We Believe that the Bible

is the inspired Word of God and the final Authority for faith and practice.

We Believe that the Scriptures

reveal the triune God whose person, nature and character forever is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the source and foundation of all that is. God has established order and relationships within creation.

We believe that God

created man and woman in His image. Because human beings chose to disobey God, their nature became sinful resulting in alienation from God, from one another, from themselves, and from the rest of creation.

We believe that Jesus Christ,

God`s Son, came to earth to reveal the Father and to provide God`s only plan of Salvation for sinful humanity. New life in Christ is given to all who turn from evil through faith in sacrificial death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit enables the believer to make full surrender to the work of Christ and to walk in the fullness of the Spirit`s power.

We believe that the Holy Spirit

works in the world, intercedes for the believer, and is present in the life of the church, gifting persons for witness and services. The church is God`s primary means for worship, fellowship, evangelism and discipleship.

We believe that the return of Christ

in power and glory is certain and may occur at any time. The final destiny of all things is in God`s hands. God will judge righteously at the close of the age. All created things will be brought to their proper order in the eternal Kingdom.

Sunday Worship

10:30 - Children's Program (SK-gr5)

10:30 - Worship

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